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Buy Full Version~116 MB, requires macOS El Capitan, Sierra or High Sierra

Download Lite Version~45 MB, requires macOS El Capitan, Sierra or High Sierra

Latest release is from April 12th 2018. I'm open to hand out a free full version. Contact me providing a fair reason at EmojiSaver@klaas.is!

๐ŸšจTroubleshooting: If you get the message "You cannot use the Emoji Saver screen saver with this version of macOS" try closing and re-opening System Preferences.

๐ŸŒŒ Screenshots

Patterns - Twemoji Set
Patterns - Twemoji Set
Slow Flip - Emoji One BW Set
Drama - Apple Sierra Set
Speckle - Twemoji Set
Speckle - Twemoji Set
Speckle - Twemoji Set
Rain - Twemoji Set
Patterns - Twemoji Set
Bucket Party - Twemoji Set
Bucket Party - EmojiOne Set
Bucket Party - EmojiOne Set

๐ŸŽฌ Watch in Action

Patterns in the Rain - Twemoji
Bucket Party - Twemoji
Drama - Apple Sierra
Speckle - Twemoji

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โš™๏ธ Features

Multiple Emojis Brands
Apple, EmojiOne, Noto and Twemoji
Effect: Bucket Party
2D animated filling of a bucket (uses SpriteKit)
Effect: Drama Presentation
Some Emojis perform their life on stage
Effect: Patterns in the Rain
Emojis fall like rain and fill the screen. They appear and disappear in a pattern.
Effect: Speckle
Randomly placed emojis like freckles on the screen
Effect: Slow Flip
Slowly turning tiles
Effect: Words
Render your own words with emojis
Effect: Unicodeยฎ Categories
Presents emojis grouped by their Unicodeยฎ categories

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